February 18, 2012

Aku d TM...

First of all... Selamat kembali ke TM.. bukan Telekom Malaysia tau, Tanjung Malim la... hehe. Baru jea smpai pgi tadi.. Dah la naik bas dalam negeri terengganu (Jerteh) disebabkan faktor xde tiket,, blh la tumpang glamour jadi orang ganu jap...huhu. Glamour la sgt!!!...

Jom dengar citer...'''''

Balik kg hari tue bnyak btul bnda jdi..... sedih yang pling bnyak,,, Happy tue bukan xde,tp x brp dpt mngubat kesedihan yang menimpa. First thing happen, trun jea dri bas tue mama gtau yng my younger sister in ward, she was pregnant now... risau giler,x sempat nk blik umh, terus ke hospital g tgk die pastu beg barang bagi mama jea wt blik cuz have to accompany her that same night. Nasib baek xde pe sgt yang teruk.

A few days after that, da relative yang meninggal... my mom uncle and auntie. even we're not that close but we're still family... we care about others. Its quiet sad, but just have to take it.

And also theres one thing that also make me sad which is my younger sister just come visit me once during i was at home. I know she was someone wife, but at least you're here when i'm home... i miss her so damn much, we use to be so close before.. but now, everything change. But i'm still happy for her happiness.

So also my cousin the one that stay at Kuantan got accident... it was so bad. His leg was broken.. totally broke.. so sad...

A week before i got here, my grandpa sick... he is quiet stubborn person. Its hard for him to go to clinic/hospital when he got sick... he just stay at home and be taking medicine without monitoring from a doctor. But then mom bring him to clinic and after a few check up he have been told by doctor to stay at hospital for a further check up for 3 days. But yesterday he already at home but he still not in a good condition, i'm also worried about him... Hope nothing bad will happen to him.